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How to Measure



  •  Measure the width of the window opening or outside mounted window trim that the cornice will be mounted over. Add at least two inches to the width measured to be sure of allowing sufficient clearances.
  • The top of an outside mounted cornice will need to be mounted approximately 1 1/2 inches above the window opening or existing window trim.
  • When installing over an outside mounted window treatment, order the returns at least 1 inch greater than the "flush mount depth" of your under-treatment. Returns can be ordered from 3 inches to 8 inches in 1/8 inch increments.


  • Crown cornices are 7 inches wider on the outside at the top than the inside width ordered. Be certain you have room to accommodate this width.


Download and print this handy Order Form. It will help you understand the information we need from you. It can later be scanned and emailed to us or faxed to us at 619-400-6448.

Order Form in PDF format


How to Install

  • This is how your cornice will be packaged when you receive it.

  • You will have to unpack it and if it is wider than 60 inches or was ordered with a Keystone, assemble the Keystone with the screws and wing nuts provided.

  • This is what the assembled Keystone will look like

from the rear when you are done.




  • Now you will follow the enclosed instructions to complete the installation.

  • The link to the right will provide you with a copy of those instructions. You can

download it now to develop a better understand of the process.


Installation Instructions in PDF format

Home Styles Colours Measure & Install About Us

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